Customized Programs for Busy Students

BRAiN has developed an innovative and unique program wherein participants are exposed to a comprehensive range of medical, paramedical, and industry research and innovation opportunities. Most importantly, the program has been developed to accommodate even the busiest of schedules.

BRAiN respects the high-achieving students’ limited time and is able to provide a complete and customized project while accommodating your schedule. Our mentors are flexible and can readily engage in person, by phone or online, to provide the highest level of guidance and instruction.

The student will first consult with his/her mentor to discuss goals and interests. Based on these and schedule restraints, the student and mentor will come up with a project toward publication or national presentation. The program can last as little as 3 months or can extend as long as the student wants to invest into the project to make it that much more meaningful. Some students may also choose to immerse themselves in multiple projects. Some students may only have time to dedicate 1 day per week while others prefer to work daily.

The key is that all aspects of the project are flexible, but all still leading to the ultimate goal of publication or presentation.

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BRAiN Pricing

Due to the fact that BRAiN is a very high level service and to ensure meaningful mentorship and projects, we are only able to provide our services for a limited number of students. The price is competitive as a result and also variable based on the project pursued and the level of mentorship required. This will be determined and agreed upon prior to start of the research project.